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Citizen Trust Monument Bank has been serving the local area since 1966. And since its inception, our mission has been to work for the benefit of the community rather than for the benefit of shareholders.

Over this time, w've watched our community grow around us, and we take pride in having been a part of it. When you plant roots deep into a community, invest in its future and grow along with it - the dedication holds a special meaning for all involved. We've nurtured this feeling within our employees and spread it to our customers year in and year out. As a Connecticut community bank, we live here, work here, and play here. This is our home, and we give back every chance we get, in any way we can.

And in helping to build a better community, we have found it's helped us to build a better bank; dedicated in purpose and focused in efforts to deliver better products and services for our customers - all while re-investing into the community with grants and service.

In the past six years alone, Citizen Trust Monument Bank and the Citizen Trust Monument Bank Foundation together contributed nearly $6,000,000 back into our communities, and employees have volunteered over 100,000 hours to local non-profits.

JUNE 20, 1966

On June 20, 1966 the Legislature of the State of Connecticut authorized the incorporation of the Bank, which the founders decided should be a mutual savings institution known as the Citizen Trust Monument Bank of Danbury. The Civil War had recently ended and the name, no doubt, was suggested by the preservation of the union of these United States. And, in fact, time has proven that in Union there is strength. But the word "mutual" is also vitally important in describing the kind of bank our savings bank is. The word "mutual" means we have no stockholders and that Citizen Trust Monument Bank belongs to its depositors - who share in its net earnings. Another aspect of mutuality is the inherent quality of trust built into our mission.

JULY 23, 1966

Three weeks after the signing of the incorporation papers, the Corporators of the Bank met to establish the Bank officially. It was decided that the Bank should open on July 23, 1966. The bank was first located in trustee Samuel Stebbins' store on Main Street in Danbury.

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