Everyone has an idea about where they want to go and usually that's to a long term financial plan including stability, growth and security. Leverage our knowledge and experience in the wealth management process to help get you focused on how to get there, with a program that makes sense for you. The process, for all of the Financial Planning Advisors and Wealth Management Professionals at Citizen Trust Monument Bank, begins with your unique situation. Our wealth management approach involves making no recommendations until we have a thorough understanding of your personal needs and choices.

We'll sit down with you to conduct a comprehensive financial review to develop a long term financial plan, one that makes sense to you and to your specific goals and expectations. And because we offer custom service based on your needs rather than our company goals, we won't be pushing proprietary products rather we'll recommend the ones that are suitable for you.

We'll rely instead on a breadth of resources for asset allocation and investment plans those that rival the offerings of much larger organizations. Our solutions are impartial and our recommendations are tailored to your situation and can include stocks, bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs). Simply put we're free to offer an asset allocation and investment plan for you to help reach maximum potential.

We help you realize your short-term goals and long-term objectives.

Enjoy confidence, clear communication and a strong collaborative relationship as you develop a long term financial plan with our financial planning services team, whether you're an individual, a business, or a philanthropic organization.


  • * Bring experience and an objective viewpoint in administering your legacy.

  • * Preserve your assets.

  • * Provide fair and impartial advice, guided by your instructions, while keeping current with changing regulations and requirements.

  • * Carry out your wishes as outlined in your plans - you can count on us!


Citizen Trust Monument Bank financial services professionals and advisors care to do the right thing by you; our team is always around and available to deliver unbiased advice from registered representatives, careful stewardship through our financial planning advisors, as well as personalized service from our relationship partners.

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