Consumer Loan

Consumer Loans to make your life easier.

Whenever you need a fast personal loan, it's good to be able to reach out within your community for help. The lending professionals at Citizen Trust Monument Bank stand ready to help with a consumer loan that works for your particular situation, pretty much whatever it may be. Give us a shout - we offer easy personal loans with low interest. We feel the best bank personal loans can keep you on your path without having to stumble on financial roadblocks.

Types of Consumer Loan


When you can pledge an asset to secure a loan, you can often benefit from personal loans with low interest. Among assets you can collateralize with us include certain eligible Union Savings Bank accounts - where you can receive quick, no credit review loans.


We're here to help you get moving. Before financing your vehicle where you purchase it, check with us. A Citizen Trust Monument Bank loan can offer competitive rates, fast approvals, no fees or hidden charges, flexible refinancing and local service.


Account balance running low? Need to cover a bill before your next paycheck? Overdraft protection can help. It's like an easy personal loan that automatically kicks into action when your account runs dry. Is it a loan, or a convenience? Actually it's both.


If your plans for upgrading your home include making it more energy efficient, you could be eligible for special low rate. Long-term consumer loans are available to help CT residents create a more ecological place to live. We're a participating lender, and can help you navigate the qualification process..


Unexpected expenses are just that: unexpected. If you are facing unanticipated expenses such as a car repair, medical expenses or a special upcoming event, we can look at your income and credit history to determine if we can offer you an unsecured consumer loan with competitive fixed rates and without a prepayment penalty.


Update, renovate or expand your home to enjoy more living space, a nicer kitchen or make room for a new member of your family with a consumer loan. Stay in the neighborhood, and leverage a home improvement loan to create a better place to be.


Looking to escape on the water? There's really nothing like it. We can help you realize your dreams with a consumer loan up to $150,000 for purchasing or refinancing your recreational boat

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