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The most challenging part of personal savings is getting started. We want to be the best bank for savings, so we're here to help you take that first step; the one that creates a habit that's with you for life. Whether you're saving for something specific, your health, a rainy day or your distant future, as your Connecticut savings bank we can help you find the right personal savings account.

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Citizen Trust Monument Bank Savings Account Options:


Gain flexibility and value; the higher your balance, the higher your interest rate.


Add the convenience of a USB Debit Card to your savings account and earn a competitive rate of interest.


Have your child get started on a great habit early with a savings account that has no monthly service fee.

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Minimum Opening Balance $300 $100 $5
Service Fee $5 $3 *
Interest Compounded Monthly Monthly Monthly
Tiered Interest Yes * Yes
Debit Card Yes Yes *
Statements Monthly Monthly Monthly
ATM Access Yes Yes *
Direct Deposit Yes Yes Yes
Online Banking Yes Yes Yes
Transfer Charges 5% per transactions 3% per transactions 2% per transactions

Personal Savings FAQs

  • Can I transfer funds between my USB checking and savings accounts in Online Banking?

    Yes, you can transfer funds from checking to savings and vice versa.
  • Is there a minimum deposit required to open a Citizen Trust Monument Bank Savings Bank personal savings account?

    The minimum opening deposit varies depending on the type of savings account: Club Savings and Young Savers Account - $5.00; Statement and Landlord/Tenant Savings - $100.00; and Premier Savings - $300.00.
  • How do I open a Union Savings Bank personal savings account?

    Please contact the account manager HERE for account openings. The process should take less than 15 minutes. Please bring two different forms of ID, e.g. a valid driver's license, credit card, insurance card or passport. You must also bring funds for the minimum required deposit in form of cash or a check.

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